Музеї в Італії

Italy is famous for its art. The architecture is adorned by artistic embellishment that is second to none. During the ancient Roman times Italy took architecture and art to a new level. Some of the world’s famous artists are from Italy. The Museums in Italy remains to be one of the best in the world. Italy is not about food and wine but also their incredible artwork. So let’s check out the famous museum in Italy.

  • Ватиканські музеї

Pope Julius II was the founder of the Vatican Museums in 1506 and is the most visited museum of all in Italy. It is famous for its Sistine Chapel and nothing short of artistic wonder. It is a contemporary art gallery with tapestries dating as far as the 15th century. Different types of art blend here. It is between cultures such as Etruscans, Greeks, Roman, Egyptian, and Christian. It is easy to get lost in the mix of historical, religious, and artistic venues.

  • The Borghese Gallery

Located in Rome, the Borghese Gallery is a 17th century villa built by Flamino Ponzio. The villa has an extensive collection once belonging to Cardinal Scipione Borghese. It has Bernini sculptures, Bernini’s portrait, paintings by Caravaggio, and Rapheal works. There is an ancient western instrument gallery with Egyptian, Greek, and Roman musical instruments

  • Academy of Florence Art Gallery

Academy of Florence Art Gallery has the most famous statue of Michelangelo’s David. You must never miss the chance to see this famous statue while in Florence. Besides David it has an extensive collection of Renaissance art. It also has an impressive collection of Florentine Gothic artwork. If you are an artist do not miss to look at a few unfinished Michelangelo pieces on display.

  • Галерея Уффіці

Uffizi Gallery is one of the best art museums in Italy. It has set a worldwide standard for renaissance painting exhibitions. It is one of the most visited museums in Italy. Uffizi houses some of the finest works of the legendary Medici House. This 400 year old museum attracts art enthusiasts from all over the world. Built in 1581 Uffizi is an architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance period.

  • Музей Егізіо

One of the most out-of-place yet extraordinary museums is Museo Egizio in Turin. This museum присвячений to ancient Egyptian Archaeology. A museum which is a treat for lovers of Egyptian history and they can browse more than 30,000 artifacts here. The impressive galleries and marketing have led to more than a million visitors. The most sought after collections in these museums are Sarcophagus of Ibi, Statue of Seti II, Statue of Ramesses II with Amun and Hathor.

  • Academy Gallery in Venice 

Venice Academy Gallery is Europe’s по-справжньому one of the great museums. This gallery is a home to many great Venetian works dating from the 13th century to 18th century. Venice art is an art class in itself. This gallery exhibits the artwork in a chronological order. This helps us to see how Venetian art has transformed through centuries. Works of Bellini, Carpaccio, Giorgione, Titian, and Tintoretto видно тут. 

  • National Gallery of Umbria

Perugia, is home to the National Gallery of Umbria. Italy has tons of Renaissance art and it needs to бути побаченим. People consider Florence as the birthplace for renaissance but you need to check Umbria. Umbria has paintings dating back as far as 1200’s. Most of these paintings були зроблені in Tuscany and Umbria. Featured artists here are Angelico, Duccio, Francesco, Gozzoli, and Perugino.

  • Ferrari Museum

All museums in Italy are not about history, art, and paintings. Those who thrill behind the wheels, they have something great to visit in Italy. The birthplace of the legendary Ferrari. It is the synonym for speed, and world class precision in racing. This museum has been open to the public since 2005. A visit here will show car lovers all the past and present models of Ferrari. Apart from this there is a separate section for Formula 1 racing car exploits.

  • Національний археологічний музей

People who love to delve into ancient Italian history, this museum in Naples is the place to visit. It has invaluable ancient Roman and Greek artifacts belonging to Pompeii and Herculaneum. This 200 year-old museum hosts pieces of artwork made with Italian marble. These well preserved artifacts are more than 3000 years old. 

  •  Помпеї

One of the best museums in Naples is Pompei. The famous Pompei is the dead city spread over dozens of acres. You should visit the city once to go back in time and view the city once buried under volcanic ash of Vesuvius.

What is the most visited museum in Italy?

The most visited museum in Italy is The Colosseum and Roman Forum with a footfall of over 6 million every year. 

What is the number one museum in the world?

The Louvre Museum is the number one museum in the world. 

f you need to know how to preserve and cherish history then museums in Italy would be the perfect example. Thousands of museums are scattered all over the country. It is the dream tourist destination for the people who like to look back on what happened in Italy earlier.